Celebrating World Cities Day on October 31, 2018, the International Coalition for Sustainable Cities and Territories (ICOSCAT-CIVTED) is founded. This coalition coordinated by the NGO Urbanistses Sans Frontières (USF) and represented now by 100 members in 35 countries is composed of 5 types of entities:
– NGOs, associations or collectives
– Universities, training or research centers
– Professional institutions or associations
– Large or small companies
– Local Authorities
The members of the coalition have committed themselves to pursue the same goal and to carry out common actions.

The objectives of the coalition are:
– Acting collectively for developing public policies at local, regional and global levels, working for sustainable development of cities and territories.
– Promoting partnership for sustainable cities and territories between different actors at public, economique, private and civil society.
– Facilitating application of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at local and regional level.

The coalition is open, organizations or entities sharing the same values are invited to join us. Here is our text ICOSCAT and the link to the registration form https://urbanistes.typeform.com/to/i9Gpq2

This year, the United Nations has selected the theme Building Sustainable and Resilient Cities; because cities need support to become resilient and develop their capacity to absorb the impact of hazards, protect and preserve human life and limit damage to and destruction of public and private assets while continuing to provide infrastructure and services after a crisis.
ICOSCAT-CIVTED Coalition is aligned with the UN’s goals and  supports UN-Habitat programs and actions.

Follow the news of the coalition ICOSCAT-CIVTED on FB page https://www.facebook.com/ICOSCAT.CIVTED/  and twitter https://twitter.com/ICOSCAT_

International Coalition for Sustainable Cities and Territories (ICOSCAT-CIVTED)
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